Social Responsibility

MB Frigo Group Ltd. from the very beginning of its existence, strives to maintain high professional principles of operation, both in the quality of its services, as well as in relations  built with  customers and suppliers.

Achieved business success has proved to be just that kind of work can achieve success, and more importantly to build a business environment  in which everyone gains.

Every day MB Frigo Group Ltd.  demonstrates his business success through the improvement of working conditions of employees, and communication with the market through the conquest of various internationally recognized achievements in the form of certificates and endorsements, which only confirm the company’s commitment to a maintenance of its high position in the open market.

Applying ISO 9001:2008, Quality management systems, the company set a policy of quality management  in the following ways:

  • Nurturing and building relationships with customers;
  • Employing a professional and ambitious personnel, and facilitate and encourage continuous development and improvement:
  • Obtain the latest equipment, and maintain the infrastructure and environment for a comfortable working environment;
  • Fostering and develop partnerships with suppliers;
  • Implement and improve the effectiveness of quality management systems on the fundamental requirements of international standards and strive to exceed the level of these requirements;
  • Set ambitious, achievable and measurable quality goals.