CAREL is an Italian company founded in 1973 and its activity is divided into three product lines:

  1. AirCondition
    Electronic controllers and management solutions for operations of water systems (watercooler and fan coil), air chambers, heating systems and ventilation
  2. Refrigeration  Industrial Refrigeration
    Electronic controllers and management solutions, remote control, and storing andprinting work (HACCP), cold rooms and cooling process during processing and storageof food or other products, controllers for refrigerated display cabinets, condensing units,multikompresorske kits 
  3. Humidification  Humidification
    Apparatus for humidification, adiabatic, ultrasonic and centrifugal. Controllers for the management devices for humidifying.

Carel also manufactures an entire range of programmable controllers for other purposes, electronic thermoexpansion valves, software and hardware systems for the BMS (Building Management System) speed controlers and systems for remote control and monitoring systems for cooling and air conditioning in supermarkets or other refrigeration and air conditioning systems.



T: +385(0) 1 66 08 002
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Bani 81
10010 Zagreb


MB FRIGO klima i hlađenje d.o.o.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina


MB FRIGO d.o.o.

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Miroslava Antića 26
11283 Beograd


MB FRIGO klimatizacija in hlajenje d.o.o.

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Šmartinska cesta 32
1000 Ljubljana


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