Maxon air conditioners with modern design and high functionality in an efficient and economical way cool or heat your space.

For more than 15 years, Maxon air conditioners have been providing air conditioning comfort in homes throughout the Adria region and Europe. MB Frigo Group is the general distributor for Maxon air conditioners and provides complete technical service support and spare parts.

  • maxon air conditioners use effective way of filtering and ionizing air which refreshes your space. Use the maximum advantages of maxon air conditioners.
  • maxon air conditioners have high energy efficiency while working and use environmentally friendly refrigerant R32
  • maxon air conditioners are equipped with remote controlers for regulation of desired room temperature, fan speed and other important functions.
  • maxon air conditioners with low noise level effectively, quickly and reliably meet customers requirements, making them an ideal choice for your space.

Maxon Fresh Wi-Fi Plus

Maxon Comfort Wi-Fi Plus





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