EMBRACO is a company specialized in cooling solutions and world leader in the hermetic compressor market. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for a better quality of life, always attentive to technological excellence and sustainability.

Founded in Joinville (SC), in southern Brazil, Embraco began producing in 1974 initially, to supply the Brazilian refrigerator industry, which at that time relied on imported compressors. Over the next decade, it was selling its products on five continents. In anticipation of economic globalization in the early 1990´s, EMBRACO initiated the process of opening production bases outside of Brazil and the consequent expansion of its global sales, consolidating its global leadership.

Besides the range of compressors, the Company also produces in its manufacturing units – located in Brazil, Italy, China and Slovakia – electrical components, cast iron, and complete cooling systems – for home and commercial use. The Company also produces electronic components, used in the optimization of appliances. Since 2009, the automotive market has a new HVAC system for truck cabins, the AeroTruck, the latest product launch in the range.

Technological leadership, operational excellence and sustainability are some of the pillars which ensure the EMBRACO differential over other important companies in the world market. Its products are now considered the favorite by major automakers and leading home appliance manufacturers and are spotlighted by manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment.

EMBRACO in numbers

  • EMBRACO has a capacity to produce over 30 million compressors per year. In Brazil alone, it has produced 300 million compressors up to 2010.
  • In its 39 years of operations, EMBRACO has markets products in over 80 countries.
  • Today EMBRACO directly employs about 9,600 people in six countries (Brazil, China, Italy, Slovakia, USA and Mexico).
  • EMBRACO has already obtained a total 1.030 letter patents.
  • A team of about 450 engineers and technicians work together, seeking to provide solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers of cooling products, domestic and commercial.



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