Luvata (ECO by Modine)

Luvata is a world-leader in metal fabrication, component manufacturing and related engineering and design services. We are committed to partnering with our customers to help them increase their competitiveness.

Wherever you are, you probably can’t look more than a hundred metres in any direction without seeing something that Luvata has been a part of. Following four-and-a-half centuries of pioneering innovation, today we are proud to be responsible for:

  • Heat transfer technology for everything from everyday vehicles to the biggest, most challenging buildings in the world
  • Resistance-welding technology for the latest alloys and most efficient production lines in operation
  • Superconductors for the cutting-edge of science from MRI scanners to space-age research and energy generation for the future of the planet
  • Switchgear, bus bars and power technology for the process, power and offshore industries
  • Manufactured products from burial caskets to zip fasteners for clothing
  • State-of-the-art electronic technology from connector strips to circuit coolers; from solar panels for cleaner energy to the core of the most popular electronic batteries
  • Rolled copper plate in a variety of finishes to satisfy the demands of the most daring architects
  • And some of the most important and advanced production technology in the world..



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MB FRIGO klima i hlađenje d.o.o.

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