Air conditioning

We offer solutions for air conditioning systems for: residential, commercial, industrial spaces and public facilities, shopping malls and cinema halls. Our professional staff in  air conditioning engineering  will choose an optimal solution, perform equipment selection, quickly and on time deliver the equipment, perform the installation and provide the necessary technical support, and ensure commissioning.

On customer request, our experts come to the site to assess the situation and based on technical documents, knowledge and experience, specify the equipment required for air-conditioning of the space.

We represent renowned companies with a wide range of products: air conditioners, VRF, fan coil units, water coolers, air chambers, precision air conditioning system…

 Our strength is:

  •  knowledge and experience
  •  narrow specialization in the field of air conditioning
  •  engineers support
  •  quality brands
  •  the quality and speed of service support
  •  large storage of spare parts