Parts and equipment

We import and distribute a whole range of products for air conditioning and refrigeration: devices and equipment, spare parts, materials for installation, tools and resources for maintenance and cleaning. With more than 5,000 m2 of storage capacity and a sales stock with more than 10,000 articles we provide prompt delivery of our products in the region.

Business centers of “MB Frigo Group Ltd. are located in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Rijeka and Sarajevo. Delivery of the entire sales program is also provided through partner companies in Dubrovnik, Osijek and Pula.

Selecting all the suppliers we’ve provided you with an optimal relationship between quality and price. Our friendly sales staff will promptly respond to all your queries and provide prompt and accurate delivery respecting the arrangements. Our desire is to meet the needs of our customers to our mutual satisfaction, because a satisfied customer is our greatest incentive for further progress.

Continuous professional training of our employees at home and abroad follows the latest technological achievements. All products meet European standards on product quality, environmental standards and all have the necessary certificates.